Martina – Silbas, Serbia

Martina FabokWhen Martina was 15 months old, we went to the regular health control for her routine check up. After her orthopedic check, the doctors said that both feet were deformed through club foot. They also advised that if untreated this would lead to a deformed spine. So she began to use orthopedic shoes. After six months the doctors said that there was no improvement. After a further six months, the shoes were again adjusted to try and bring some improvement. Before the next control, Pastor Miroslav prayed for her healing. After this prayer, to the doctor’s great surprise, he decided that Martina no longer needed special shoes and that she was completed healed. Praise to Jesus. Gordana – Martina’s Mum

Magdalena Hace (1958) Croatia

From 1983 I had pain in my spine. The doctor sent me for an x-ray and I was diagnosed with arthritis of the spine. I was taken different medicines and had lots of therapies, but got worse. In 1990 my specialist found a growth on my spine. Now after prayer I have been completely healed. Praise the Lord.

Elizabet - Dakovo (Croatia)

Four years ago I had pain the area of my stomach. After a doctor’s check up they found acid in my stomach. The doctor gave me strong medicine. The pain reduced but was still there. Any time I ate certain foods, I immediately had strong pains. I stopped eating these foods. After two months I was in a meeting where Miroslav was ministering and God manifested himself to me in a powerful way. Through the prayer time I received healing for my stomach. God heard the prayers and I am completely healed. From this time I am eating everything normally. I have no pains and everything is OK.

All the glory belongs to God for all that he is doing.

Ankica-Bijelovar (Croatia)


Many years I had very high cholesterol. When brother Fic was praying for me, God touch me by his power. Next week I visit the doctor, and he sad that I am healed.

Praise God!

Nikola Ilić - from Jagodina

Miroslav Fic, I would like to thank you once again for coming to Kruševac and preaching here. You have ministried to us at the youth meeting. We really were blessed through you! Praise the Lord! From that point on, a fire started burning in some young hearts, a fire they did not have before. More than anything, they want to be useful to God! They started praying for that persistently. I have to say that also in me the fire is lit and I still don`t know what will be with it. But, I feel more eagerly that I want God, and praise Him for that !!!!!

I wish you all the blessings from the Lord of Hosts, from all of my heart.