Sharing the gospel and building up Christians though the printed word

CieleSyloam’s mission from God is to publish good spiritual literature, which would help pastors, spiritual workers and members of different churches to become more eager and better workers for the Kingdom of God. We desire that their churches would grow and prosper more to the glory of God.

Syloam publishes books that call for action, encourage, teach and enable Christians to find God’s destiny and calling.

The majority of authors that we publish have worldwide ministries and are both dynamic speakers and writers.

Each book has a message and a goal; to build up faith, enflame the believer’s passion for Christ, and to help believers fulfil God’s purposes in Serbia and the Balkans.

We also publish books with themes which are not so popular, but are necessary, such as from the edition, “Pro life”, and “Suicide: Knowing When Your Teen Is At Risk”.

We are always open for cooperation with all evangelical, pentecostal and charismatic churches and other publishers, as well as for common projects in the country and the surrounding area.