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Dedication of church in Silbas

Dedication of church in SilbasTwo years ago we were able to buy a building for mission work in the Balkans and for planting a new church in Silbas. Finally the time has come that we can officially proclaimed that church is OPEN – and dedicate the building for vision we have received from God for the Balkans.

We invite you all to join us on 7 & 8 November 2009. Come together with us to celebrate the work what Jesus is doing in our midst. For further information contact Miro at




Children’s camp

Dedication of church in SilbasBy the grace of God also this year we were able to organize another children’s camp. This year was the third time. Each year was unique. The title for the camp this year was” Travel around the world in 5 days”. The goal was to present that there exist many more places than the place where they are. We introduced to the kids different cultures, gave them space for fun and mainly through all this shared with them the gospel of Jesus.

An the start of camp each kid got their own “passport”. They used this to collect stamps from each continent. Through each continent we try to give a unique presentation of the gospel.

For example:
AMERICA – land of freedom: Gods world is setting FREE (giving FREEDOM)
AFRICA – black continent: God is not looking on the colour of our skin, Jesus died for every one
ASIA – underground churches, gospel of power and miracles, but also persecutions
The Gospel is powerful also today
AUSTRALIA – Hillsong – we taught the kids to sing Christians songs
EUROPE – still needs the gospel, we led the kids to receive Christ.
The camp attracted around 50 kids. Helping us with the camp were young people from The King’s Church, England from Epsom a town near London.

One thing that surprised me very much was that the kids were very disciplined and very carefully listened to the stories and Bible teaching. PRAISE GOD for it.